Graduation: when everyone is special

Good morning colleagues, parents, alumni and families watching from around the world, and most importantly, our Graduates.  My name is Damian Bacchoo and I am the High School Principal for the class of 2023.  I am honoured to have the closing words today.  Amazingly, one of our Graduation Class of 2023 walked across the stageContinue reading “Graduation: when everyone is special”

Which school? You can’t have your cake and eat it!

The advice I give to friends who are struggling to choose between schools for their kids is: …you can’t have your cake AND eat it too! There are so many good schools to choose from, but parents can still find themselves paralyzed, unable to make a choice. A friend of mine was recently in thisContinue reading “Which school? You can’t have your cake and eat it!”

Rolling with tradition

This article started with an innocuous question: “Hey kids, do you think we should still do our Easter egg-rolling competition this year?” My spring traditions The word ‘tradition’ always invokes mixed feelings for me.  Growing up, I could never enjoy the cliche of spring cleaning on the first day of the Easter holidays, and norContinue reading “Rolling with tradition”

Death and taxes (and deadlines)

Ask any high school student right now.  Deadlines seem to be about as certain as death and taxes.   In a conversation I had with a G11 student this week, he shared how surprised he was that he was struggling with his deadline-management skills. He was frustrated (perhaps a little angry?) that he was not moreContinue reading “Death and taxes (and deadlines)”

Self-licking lollipops

“It sounds like a big self-licking lollipop” “What?” “A self-licking lollipop” “What on earth are you talking about?” I was talking to my brother over my Christmas break about my work and the world of international education.   After patiently listening for some time, his paraphrasing went something like this: “So…rich folk pay to send theirContinue reading “Self-licking lollipops”

To be noticed is to be loved

“To be noticed is to be loved.” ― Ali Smith, There but for the It starts with a belief system I believe that making children feel noticed is arguably the most important thing that we can do in schools.   Why?  Because my belief system is this: Noticing is the root of belonging.  And belonging is,Continue reading “To be noticed is to be loved”

Kerbstones, laminators, and staple guns

In preparation for our recent CIS and WASC (joint) preparatory evaluation visitors, I felt our school adopted a “just right” Goldilocks approach to proceedings – a lot of hard work, paced calmly and thoughtfully by a core team who distributed much of the preparatory work in a meaningful and purposeful way with a high degreeContinue reading “Kerbstones, laminators, and staple guns”