Plan early, plan twice?

Our leadership team has had the same conversation with staff for the last 3 weekends: Friday afternoon: “Ok, we are all set for Monday.  Thanks for the hours of planning this week to get this right…” Saturday morning: “Ah, sorry to interrupt your weekend.  New changes just announced.  New plan needed for Monday…” It feelsContinue reading “Plan early, plan twice?”

To boldly go…

When I was growing up I wanted to work on a starship.   Science Officer or Captain – I wasn’t too fussed.  I just loved the idea of flying out into the unknown, meeting new people, and exploring strange new worlds.  Throughout my life I have always embraced leadership challenges and intentionally taken myself out ofContinue reading “To boldly go…”

Beware of butterflies

This week, a student asked me if she could take some action to show support for a climate cause that is important to her. It involved wearing different clothes for the day and so she was asking for my permission to promote it school-wide at very short notice. If I said yes I might beContinue reading “Beware of butterflies”

Zero Tolerance?

6 March 2021 For home-learning last week, my little daughter was asked to research historical events about the 1st March.  It was an interesting activity that stimulated a lot of conversation at home (did you know that Henri Becquerel discovered radioactivity on 1st March 1869?) and I was so pleased to see the value andContinue reading “Zero Tolerance?”

Cake or Death?

Good comedy makes me happy. In one of my favourite comedy sketches, Eddie Izzard takes on the role of the Grim Reaper, offering a series of unwitting participants the choice of “cake or death”. It’s not too difficult to make a decision here…just as long as there is enough cake to go around! I Zoomed-inContinue reading “Cake or Death?”


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