Milo’s principles

I picked up my son’s (Grade 6) school bag this morning and nearly pulled my arm out of its socket. I said something along these lines: “Flipping ‘ek.  That’s a heavy bag.  What on earth is in there?”  He said something along these lines: “Yeah, it’s heavy, but I’ve been training since Grade 1 andContinue reading “Milo’s principles”

Will schools compete on well-being?

I have been trying to work out how international schools (generally) might respond to post-COVID parental expectations. I borrowed the model below (thanks to Ross Maclean) and it’s a great tool for plotting changes over time. I’ve included: academic rigor, holistic education, well-being, facilities, and exam results, which I know feature highly for parents seekingContinue reading “Will schools compete on well-being?”

You build your purpose

When I graduated from school, there was no graduation ceremony, no wise words to never remember, and no fanfare. We finished our exams and that was that. We parted ways, got merry (some more than others), and then we got on with the summer holidays and waited forlornly for our exam results to come in.Continue reading “You build your purpose”

Kids these days

This week I overheard an expression I hadn’t heard before…where one lady was talking to another about the ‘strawberry’ generation. I was at the supermarket so I naturally assumed that something that was afoot in the fruit and vegetable aisle. Alas, no. A diatribe of derogatory comments followed about how soft, selfish, and delicate theContinue reading “Kids these days”

“These aren’t the metrics you are looking for”

According to ISC Research, ten years ago there were about 8,000 international schools. Today that number stands close to 13,000. The growth is staggering. Indeed, a recent (illuminating and challenging) Bloomberg article postulates that on average, two new international schools open each day. It has become an incredibly competitive market as more and more familiesContinue reading ““These aren’t the metrics you are looking for””

Hello stranger!

In school this week we kicked off Writers’ Fortnight. Incredible speakers, including many extraordinary parents, are being invited in to speak to our students to share how particular books have inspired them, or because they are involved in literature in some way. As a result, our students have been awed by poets, journalists, diplomats, artists,Continue reading “Hello stranger!”


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